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Eugene Canapi, President
Eugene Canapi, President
Always a COP First, Support Your Unions



     2016 has been a tough one for law enforcement in general, as was the last 2 years. The population of very vocal people are still promoting anti-law enforcement rhetoric.  PO Peter Liang was convicted and sentenced for a tragedy that he should never have been indicted of. Peter may not seek redress, since the Judge had stipulated, that, should he lose again, the offer may not be there.  There are lessons to be learned as we increase in number and our members are scattered all over the city.  Under the recommendations of Peters legal counsel, we remained silent as was the strategy, however, in hind sight, we will not be silenced again, we will voice our concerns and displeasures, voice our desires and we will protest, and be as vocal as those who condemn us without all the facts.  We as a people, Asians in commonalty must bond and bind together as a power to be reckoned with. No longer can we just sit idly by.  I want to thank Retired Detectives Christine Leung and Agnes Chan for their work and support with regards to being the Societies eyes and ears during Peters legal battle.  They are examples of what is good with the Asian Jade Society

I have to also apologize for not being as prominent in the community and with the Society as I should be.  I am also President of the Committee of Police Societies, and my responsibilities there have been enormous.  There are 31 ethnic, fraternal and religious organizations that are recognized by the Department, and I over see them all, both as the President of COPS, but also as a representative of The office of Deputy Commissioner Administration.  I will not seek another term of office for COPS, to focus on the Society.

I and my Board are laying the groundwork to ensure the Asian Jade Society‚Äôs viability for the next 20 years and beyond, but a slower pace that I wanted.  But the energy of the young trustees and delegates are surpassing my expectations.  The Society has been creating a pool of viable candidates to be succeed us on the executive board, as well identifying members who are willing to become delegates and trustees of their command and or Boro.  I have expressed that they should be delegates not just for us, but as fraternal delegates who know about all the other organizations.  This year's dinner was sold out again to the credit and hard work of Executive Board, the trustees and delegates, the Societies members and our supporters.

Returning to New York, is the National Asian Peace Officers Association, The National "Asian Jade Society".  Enclosed in this mailing is the flyer and information associated with this event.  Please share and post at your command. It is not just for Asians. It's for all Law enforcement.  The BBQ/Picnic will culminate in the week end of the conference.  If you want to attend the conference on your own time and the week is not your vacation week, please contact the Society so that we may be able to work with the Department so that you are granted leave to attend the conference, overall needs of the Department in mind.

Communicating with the members via E-mail, text notification with an integration to social media and world wide web is utilized.   YOU are the Society, without you, there is no society. Each and every one of the you, our members is an integral part of what makes the Society, and what makes the Department so diverse.

If you feel neglected, I do apologize. I need you to let me know if we are going in the direction you feel we should be.  Your comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated. Please contact the undersigned if you have any issues, concerns or desires that you think I may be able to assist. Call or visit me, I am in room 1407 at 1 Police Plaza.  My office number is 646-610-8166/8170.

Very Respectfully
Eugene Canapi


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